Vehicle advertising

Have you ever used BKV? Or waited at the red light while a bus was waiting in the other lane? If yes, then there is a great probability that you have seen vehicle advertising and know how efficient this form of advertising can be!

Vehicle adverstising

The vehicles involved in public transportation use a certain route during the day, therefore the advertisments on them – let them be on the metro, the bus or other public transport vehicles –  are available all the time for a geografically well defined target audience. On top of this, these vehicles are moving which draws more attention than the static advertisments.

Double goal – positive message to the passers-by

A vehicle advertisment is a lot more than a boring sticker on a bus. A well designed public advertisment always carries a double goal because on the public transportation people spend time going to places and read the adverts to pass the time and a good creative advert can give them the feeling that it was worth a travel to get to know about a good offer. For other poeple on the road in their own cars vehicle advertising is a well known thing, which does not disturb their private spaces but a natural part of the traffic on the side of a public transport vehicle. So with a bus- or a metro-advertisment you can draw the attention of ten-thousands or a huhdred-thousands of people in a way that is keeping only the positive side of advertising and cutting all the negative ones!

Let’s start together your vehicle advert campaign!

Our media agency is ready to handle your vehicle advert campaign! The work starts with the designing phase, where we listen to your needs, plans and possibilities and then taking all into account we put together your advert campaign. We can also help you with the grafical designing of your project as our grafic designers are well trained and up to date in the market trends.

The next part after the grafical design is ready is the print shop work, where the bus, metro or other type of advert will get its final form. Thanks to our special contract with the print shop they can provide better prices for our custormers than to others.

Our agency finds it important to have proof of our work. Therefore we take pictures to verify the placing of the ordered advertisment. We can also provide you with efficiency statistics at the end of a campaign to see how successful we were.


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