Platform adverts

Platform adverts – the best investment in advertising

Surely everyone has travelled before on the underground, used the escalators and has waited at the platform for the train, and seen the many advertisments on the way. Certainly most of us can think of such a platform advert and even though we might not like them, we remember them, so we can safely say that they do the trick, they reach the people, they reach us.

Lets just think about where the most people are in Budapest! According to the statistics mainly around the busy public transport junctions and within that mostly at underground stations and around them. Because of this these places are potentially perfect if we would like to advertise our products, services or anything else that you want the people to know about.

The so-called platform adverts and the smaller size posters are typically those that people tend to notice and read, because while waiting for the next train or travelling on the escalators people spend their free moments collecting information. During these times they check out the platform adverts on the walls of the escalators and around them, where your advert could be placed, as the different platform surfaces – small poster, railing or floor advert – are available at a very low price for anyone.

But not the price is the most important element but what you get for your money. These platform adverts can be rented from as much as 20.000 HUF + VAT and they are seen by ten-thousands of people on a daily bases, which means that within a month you can reach millions. We have platform surfaces for rent at all of the underground stations in different sizes and forms, making sure that we reach our target audience.

If we want to talk numbers it means that your advert reaches around 440 thousand people daily, meaning that within 3 days you are guaranteed to reach more than 1 million people.

Platform adverts can be used on their own in an advertisment campaign, but work well as part of a bigger campaign toghether with other methods, if you are looking for a low price advertising surface that reaches a record number of people. This advertising method is often used to advertise local services, smaller events and gatherings – such as a book coming out, a theathre play or a concert –, but can be used to market certain products. This method has proved to be very effective.


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