Have you been driving on the motorway in your car seeing the megaboards that you were passing by? If yes, then you know that these megaboards are impossible to miss! Make your advert huge with a Megaboard!

The Megaboard, or otherwise called as a Magnum advert is a huge size advertisment which is mainly placed by motorways or busy highways leading into cities. Everybody notices them and with their help you can show that you are really serious about advertising your offer.

Why is a Megaboard the perfect choice?

We have three good reasons that show why a Megaboard can be your perfect option:

  • Because of its huge size the Megaboard is very effective and can be used to advertise different types of offers.
  • It is ideal for short simple slogens that can be read from a bigger distance.
  • With special effects such as the 3D insertions the advert can be made even more memorable, which makes your campaign an even bigger success.

Megaboard advertisment rental

If you are ready to use this grand advertising method just tell our agency what you have in mind! We do everything for you from day one and all you have to do is make decisions. While we are working on your advert campaign you can carry on working on your business.

The price of the Megaboard advert depends on the geografic area where it will be placed, the volumen of the advertisment campaign and the time of year. Advertising spaces can be rented from 35000 HUF between sizes 30 to 600 square metres.

Master strokes

Of course there can be a great difference between two Megaboard advertisments, therefore please ask the help of our colleagues to reach the best possible effect with your advert.

During certain times of the year (like Christmas) the adverts get more attention and a lot of new advertisments are placed in this time. This is when a the already mentioned 3D insertions can come in handy to make your advert stand out from the crowd and get the attention of the people.

At certain places there is a maximum number for the advertisments that can be placed there, so at these places it is somewhat easier to fight for the precious attention of the crowd. Please ask our agency to help you find such areas.

The Megaboard advertisment can be set up with lights, which when it gets dark lit up and make your advertisment visible all through the night time.


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