The most spectacular form of advertising has to be when huge advertisments are placed on buildings, otherwise called as firewall adverts or building nets, which draw the attention of a huge number of people in a very short time and mean great prestige for the advertiser. When advertising a product, an event or a certain brand being monumental, standing out from the crowd is the most important thing and this method of advertising is guaranteed to be the biggest of them all.

Both the firewall advert and the building net are great solutions for advertising on their own, but work great as part of a radio or magazine campaign. As buildings are mostly found at busy places you can reach over several hundred thousand people every day and not just those living in the vicinity but those visiting Budapest from the countryside or from abroad which is a definite plus when advertising international brands.

Firewall adverts often have lighting installed as another advantage apart from the above mentioned ones, so they can be seen at night too from hundreds of metres. They are huge in size and they can be positioned to reach the reportedly high number of contacts as people take a look at these giant adverts willingly or inadvertently – especially if they have heard about them on the radio or read about them in a magazine. I could not think of a better way to make a brand name well known than a funny, but very informative firewall advert.

Similar advantages can be mentioned when talking about building nets, as this is another form of giant adverts, but we only suggest using this form of advertising as an addition to a campaign as their placement is very limited, can only be used on sidewalls of buildings undergoing reconstruction work. Even though they can be seen from a great distance, their lighting is not possible. Having said that at busy areas a still a lot of people can see them walking or driving by.

These methods of advertising are not the usual ones, which is a great advantage, so they stand out from the so called media noise and the adverts can pop up all over the country depending on the building reconstructions. For making a brand name stronger on the market I cannot think of better, more effective or more flexible methods than these.


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