Have you been standing in a tram stop waiting for the tram to arrive? Or have you been watching others while they were waiting? In both cases, you might have noticed something else as well, the modern advertisement at the tram stop. This is Citylight – the advert that fits the cityscape!

Citylight is an advertising surface placed in busy places, public tranport stops and shopping malls. Even though you only pay once for the use of this surface it will send new customers for your business day and night.

Why chose Citylight?

We have four reasons why a Citylight advert can prove to be efficient:

  • The size of the Citylight advert is 118 x 175 cm, which is big enough to draw the attention of both passengers and drivers passing by in heavy traffic.
  • Its modern size and design fits perfectly into the cityscape, therefore it is not disturbing or too harsh in any way. Due to its size it gives room for more detailed advertisments or promotions.
  • It is perfect for a marketing campaign that builds on a target audience that uses certain routes (main public transport routes, etc.)
  • The Citylight advert has a background lighting which makes it stand out and draws even more attention.

Citylight campaigns

The Citylight advert can be used at various types of marketing and advertising campaigns. Ask our colleagues to help you chose the right type of advertising method for your business needs. But in general the Citylight advert method is ideal for the following types of campaigns:

  • Advertising the product line and offers of nearby shops
  • Advertising upcoming festivals or events.
  • Promoting new products.

Renting Citylight

Our media agency has wide experience in the field of managing Citylight campaings. We can do everything from the designing of the campaign to the last small details, so you can keep on concentrating on your business.

The 118×175 cm Citylight advert is available from 20,000.- HUF/month, making this over 2 m2 surface a very competitive alternative even to the billboard prices.

Master strokes

Like all advertising methods, Citylight adverts have certain master strokes that make our campaigns even more efficient. It is good to use more than one poster on the same route because the repetition of the advert can increase the efficiency of the campaign. In case of campaigns that build on previous ones the already well known corporate identity will be familiar for the people from the older campaigns and the newer ones will be even more successful.

The Citylight adverts are places in public transport stops where a lot of people spend their time waiting. Because of this Citylight adverts can contain smaller text, or more detailed advertisments that on other types of surfaces would already be illegible, or there would not be enough time for the people to read them. Due to its modern design it is also suitable for creative campaign solutions too, such as the QR code, bluetooth, motion sensor etc.

Please tell our media agency your plan and we will put the custom made solution on your desk! Contact us today and get even more for your money tomorrow!


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