Being around in the city you must have found yourself looking at the different advertisments on the walls and fences. If you liked it or not depends on your taste, but the advertising space surely worked and gave you information. This kind of advertising method is called a billboard advert, which is also available for you! As you might know, small adverts for small ideas and billboards for big ones!

The billboard – as the name already suggests – is able to advertise your business in huge sizes to everyone. You cannot just throw it in the bin without reading it as you might do with a leaflet and it cannot be turned off by the gadgets that block the ads on the internet. It is there day and night and has one sole purpose: to deliver what you want to say to as many possible customer as possible!

Renting billboards

If you are reading this page, then you probably have been thinking about renting a billboard. The first step is already done as you have visited us! But do you have time for the details while running a business? Let us do most of the work as we are masters of our field as surely you are of yours. We will work out the details, all you have to do is make some decissions. Make some money doing your business and we will make some more money for you with the perfect billboard advert.

The billboard renting prices greatly depend on the circumstances, on the city, on how frequented it is and also on the time of the year. With our help you can rent a billboard from as much as 20000 HUF/month and we will prepare your advertisment that is put on it even taking the printing work off your shoulders.

The size of the billboards is standardized 5,04 meter x 2,38 meter making the surface 12 square metres. Calculating with this your renting fee is 1666 HUF/m²/month!

Reasons to rent a billboard

We have collected a few reasons why a billboard advert can be the perfect choice for you.

Because of its huge size the billboard advert gives room for such creativity that could not be carried out on a smaller sized advertisment.

Also because of its size it can be seen from a great distance, reaches huge audiences and because of the big elements on it the message is delivered quickly.

As the billboards are usually placed by busy roads or junctions they are seen by hundreds or thousands of people.

Master strokes

Of course there are master strokes in the world of billboard adverts as well, and using them can greatly influence the effectiveness of a billboard. Billboard renting is effective if the adverts are placed in the necessary frequency and number and at the best places. To find you the best solution we use our optimizing software. Therefore you get more for your money!

Even though the billboard is big in size there is no point overcrowding it with information, sometimes less is more! This way your message will more easily stick in the minds of the people who see it.

Let us know what you want and we will translate it into a billboard. With the help of our software we will calculate for you the most effective schedule for your advert campaign. Order your billboard today and start enjoying its advanteges from as early as tomorrow!


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